Where Is My Laptop?

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Where Is My Laptop?

You turn around for 2 seconds and BLAM…..Where’s your laptop?

With users relying on smartphones, laptops, netbooks, and iPads to have everything they need at their fingertips, what happens when that laptop walks away? Databases, customer contracts, accounting information, proposals, things that you have completely forgotten about are on that missing device. Are you protected and is your data secure?

Having a disaster recovery plan or business continuance plan used to mean backing up your server and storing a copy of your data offsite. Now your data is EVERYWHERE! It’s in the office, on a plane, on a phone, in the cloud….everywhere. How do you protect it? You need asset and data protection. You need to be able to ensure all your data is backed up, no matter where it is. You need to be able to clear a hard drive remotely when a laptop is stolen. You need to be able to track and monitor where your equipment is at all times.

Think about how it would affect you if one of your devices got into the wrong hands. Now, make a plan to address this problem.

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Tina has more than 20 years of experience as a highly effective professional in the technology industry. In 2012, Tina started Boutique IT Solutions and continues to provide affordable & user-friendly technology solutions to local NEO businesses and their owners. Tina understands the needs of small-medium businesses because she lives it every day, and through that knowledge she has been able to help hundreds of businesses improve the bottom line. We hope you enjoy her blog!

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