Google Phishing Test

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Google Phishing Test

Google has come out with a new test. A phishing test.

This test is to see if you would fall for a phishing email. Some are easy, some very tricky. More to the point, it will show you how and what to look for in an email.

Step 1 Open the link ( no this is not part of it !)

Step 2 Type your name ( or any name)

Step 3 Type a fake email address (you do not have to and nor should you put your real email in the bar. I used 

Step 4 Take the test. First guess if the email is legit or phishing. By clicking on the show me button it will show you the good and the bad. Click the next button as shown to advance through the test. It will also advance you to the next email in the test.

Pass this around and feel free to call us if you have questions!

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