IT Asset Management

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IT Asset Management

Is technology creating stress in your small business? Has your technology distracted you from actually doing business?

One way we create value for our clients is called IT asset management (ITAM). While some have adopted Asset Management practices for other parts of their business, it is a good idea to have this in place for your technology. ITAM can help you do a lot of really great things and save you time, money and stress.

Do these sound familiar

  • Everyone comes in in the morning and starts complaining about how slow the internet is. ITAM could be used to show your web browser was updated overnight, the new version has an error which is causing internet traffic to slow way down. Problem identified! Revert to older version and problem solved!
  • Did you plan to install a new software, but no one noticed that three of the office computers are running unsupported operating systems for the new software throwing the “go live date” back until the computers can be upgraded and reloaded, costing tons of wasted time and money. Not to mention the aggravation.

Everyone is always asking when they should buy new or upgrade. With ITAM you will know the inventory on hand and are able to budget for new equipment and can plan for the life cycle of your hardware. Planning and budgeting for a rotation of assets helps keep costs down and limits exposure to downtime due to old equipment failures.

Another great aspect of ITAM is keeping track of aging assets. A common theme in the IT world is the “we just bought that” syndrome.  Time flies when you’re doing business, and while you weren’t watching that router you think you bought last year is really 4 years old and throttling your speeds because it’s not capable of handling the new internet line you upgraded.

ITAM can also be used for keeping track of software subscriptions and renewal dates. For instance, your website subscription that needs to be renewed so your customers can order from you. Or your anti-virus that is now NOT protecting your assets because that old email address that you signed up for it is no longer in use and oops, now you’ve got problems

And lastly, how about your taxes and insurance. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the upgrades to write off and if catastrophe happens have all your assets ready for premium boy to write the check for?

Whether you are a 3-person operation or have 30 in the office, ITAM practices can have a positive impact on your business. Whether you have an internal IT department, handle things on your own or outsource your IT needs, ITAM practices should be part of your 2019 discussion to help you standardize your IT and reduce unnecessary spending and stress.

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