Web based printing using Google Cloud Print

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Web based printing using Google Cloud Print

Looking to share printers with multiple offices for printing?

When you print through Google Cloud Print, your file is securely sent to your printer over the web. Google Cloud Print gives you the ability to share printers via the web between offices without the need of a server. From your phone, your tablet, your laptop, or any web based device you can print to any printer that you have access to whether it’s your printer or a printer that has been shared with you.google-cloud-print[1]

Since the print job is being processed through the web there is no need to fuss with drivers, which is a bonus! It’s best to use a Google Print compatible printer, but practically any printer that is attached to a computer or server can be used. All you need is a Google Chrome account.
Here’s how to set it up. If you already have a Google account it will only take about 3 minutes to setup:

1. Open Google Chrome and login to your Google account. Make sure to use your main Google account your normally would use. You are limited to one account for printing.
2. Open your settings menu (either the four bars or wrench icon).
3. Go to Options
4. Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced Options
5. Scroll to the “Sign in to Google Cloud Print”
6. Once you sign in Google will collect the data on the printers attached to that machine and you should see a “Success” notification where you can print a test page.

Once you have Google Cloud Print setup on the main computer you can download the Google Cloud Print app on any device you want to print from (i.e. your phone or tablet). The app will allow you to print documents from your phone back to the local printer from anywhere you have a connection.  You can also manage the printers and share them with others.

It’s that easy! Have fun!

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