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The partnership between your people, your tech, and your business.

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Sometimes the relationship between the human resources of a business and its technology gets over looked. As a friendly reminder, here are some of the trappings of the partnership between your people, your tech, and your business.

  • Personal files of employees are now kept on computers instead of a locked filing cabinet. And these files need to be under electronic lock and key. That means encrypted and password protected.
  • Each employee should have their own user name and password to log into the workstation they are using.
  • Networks should be segmented and general policies should be set so that Sally in shipping does not have access to Jeff in accounting’s files. Or Tom in maintenance can’t access Frank in HR files for employees. (see your Network admin to make sure these are set)
  • When an employee leaves or is terminated make sure you contact your Network admins to ensure that all passwords are changed and access to the network is no long possible.
  • Ensure that employees using social media as a part of their job description are set up properly. Meaning after they leave they can be removed from the account without disruption of the account.
  • Security access to buildings and properties. Removal of passwords, keys, swipe cards, badges etc.
  • Vendor accounts should be contacted prior to the employee’s termination/resignation and a date set as to last access to the vendor(s).
  • Phones and laptops should have layers of protection when set up. Employees using company devices should not have administrative rights on devices. Only user rights. This ensures that information cannot be wiped from the device without your permission. It also ensures that improper software cannot be installed on device without the company’s permission.
  • Plan out who and what. As part of the employee’s role in implementation a website or social media page. Be careful as to who has ADMIN rights and what content is being broadcast. When creating accounts make sure how the account is set up (what email address communication is being sent to. Who is the primary contact? Registering a website can be painful to transfer ownership if someone has left the company and used their name to register the site)

It is easy to overlook some of the nuances that happen in the life of a business. People come and go. New technologies become available. New ideas spring to life and people are needed to implement those ideas. Always keep in mind that as you move forward with your business technology, if not done in a well thought out manner, you may try to take a step forward only to be held back by poor decision of the past.



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