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Which OS should you choose?

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Which OS should you choose?

For the month of August, Windows 8.1 showed a 7.09 percent market share based on all the desktop OS traffic seen by Web tracker Net Applications. That number was up slightly from 6.56 percent in July, 6.61 percent in June, and 6.35 percent in May.

Microsoft has tried to tweak its latest OS to make it friendlier to traditional PC users.

Windows 8.1 itself includes several such features, including a boot-to-desktop option to let users bypass the Start screen.

Windows OS market segment

A spring update added more features, including a Shutdown button on the Start screen and the ability to run Modern apps from the desktop. But the OS still seems stuck in neutral.Microsoft’s only hope at this point may be that people will be more drawn to Windows 9, currently known as Threshold, which will reportedly launch in preview mode following a press conference on September 30. With a final release rumored for April 2015, that version will offer a Start menu and other new features in an attempt to lure back fans of Windows 7.

So, with XP retired we are recommending that our business clients stay with the tried and true Windows 7 until 9 comes out and it can be tested.

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