Hi-Tech Halloween

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Hi-Tech Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday for kids and adults alike. Marching down the street in your costume, with your flashlight, and the parents in tow has changed a bit.


  1. Flashlight Fun – Instead of using a traditional flashlight to light your way, why not try a flashlight app for your phone?  Depending on the app you use the light is much brighter than your traditional flashlight.  In addition, some apps with let you customize them with special effects like a strobe light or Halloween theme.  Its’ a fun way to keep your trick-or-treater safe 🙂
  2. Track Your Trick-or-TreatersGoogle Latitude can help you keep track of your ghosts and goblins without having to be with them every step of the way.  This is not for young children since parental supervision is always best.  But this may be a way you can give your teenagers a little more freedom and responsibility and still watch over them (electronically).
  3. Spook up your smart phone –  Add a Halloween ringtone or live wallpaper to your smart phone to get into the spirit!  BIH Dev has some cool free screen savers.  Try one, it’s free.

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