Driving your Technology

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Driving your Technology

Are you better to your car than you are to your technology?

Most people spend more time sitting in from of their computer than in their driver seat, and spend more time and money maintaining their car then their technology.

Like taking your car to a trusted mechanic or dealer for maintenance, most small to medium businesses utilize an outsourced IT firm for maintenance.  Sure, you can change your own oil, but do you have the equipment, time or knowledge to do an alignment? Outsourcing your IT is no different.  Sure, you can change the cartridge in your printer, but do you have the time & knowledge to deal with new workstation installations, server security, or virus removals?  Outsourced IT firms can keep up on regular maintenance, install updates and keep you protected against threats. They can also inform you of impending dangers to your system, keeping you up and running instead of broken down and lagging. We rely on specialists because they stay up to date on their field, e.g. CPAs, Attorneys, Mechanics, IT professionals and they will always be better and faster at fixing a problem than we can be.

Even large firms use an outsourced IT company to augment their staff. They have one person on staff to handle the day to day hiccups and utilize and outside firm when doing the behind the scenes stuff and heavy lifting such as larger projects, so they don’t waste resources.

Technology in general needs maintenance, and if not properly maintained it can leave you falling behind your competitors, draining your staff and costing you money. A good working network with properly licensed products and up to date software, up to date security is vital to your business. Now fortunately, our cars don’t come under very many outside attacks or threats (besides the runaway shopping cart and your children’s baseball practice.)

Look, if you want to get from A to B a bus will get you there. However, if you are in it for the long haul and want your business to go from A to Z you’re going to need to keep your system running right!  It’s up to you, but I would rather sip tea pool side than work on my car!

If you have questions about your IT, please give us a call.

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