Cabling done right

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Cabling done right

I had the opportunity to visit a prospect that needed some help with network issues. They had problems with slow connections, intermittent Internet, voice calls cutting out, etc. So, I told them I’d come by and see if I could determine what could be causing their problems. On the surface, everything seemed normal. Then I got to see their IT closet and found the problem. The cable management was awful! I really wasn’t sure where to begin to start identifying the issue.

When an office has a network issue, the ability to quickly located and identify key cabling in the network cannot be overstated. Properly run and labeled cable isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but it’s highly functional as well. Let’s say your company has a computer that will not connect to the network and you need to troubleshoot the cabling. Which environment would be easier to do so in, A or B?


















When your network is down you lose production by the minute. Having a clean, well-organized, well labeled network that is properly designed can make the difference between minutes and hours to identify, locate, and solve network issues. Whether you outsource your IT administration or have a network admin in house, you need to have proper cable management and everything should be labeled. Your current network administrator may not always be your network administrator. Time is money, and nothing is more essential than your company’s data infrastructure. Your cables are the veins that pump your data, provide your Internet, and help you communicate with the World.  Just food for thought.  When you open your network closet can you tell what does what?  If not you should have it evaluated and fixed.

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