2012 BITS Electronic Gift Giving Guide

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2012 BITS Electronic Gift Giving Guide

I’m going to date myself here, but when I was growing up the Big Wheel, Colorforms, and Blowup furniture were the must have toys. Now kids want electronics and LOTS OF THEM! So what are some of the hottest tech toys out that will not only keep their brain engaged but entertained as well?

To answer that question you’ll need more information. Are we talking under 10 or over 10? Are we talking boy or girl? The age is the most important answer to know since both girls and boys like electronics these days.

Any Age
Tablets are the most popular electronic gift for any age or gender this year. From the Leapfrog pads for kids to the Kindle Fire for your avid reader, there is a tablet to fit everyone.

10 and Under
The Robo dancing dolls are hot this year. Just like the Furby in the 80’s, this silly toy is more popular than ever. The FiJit Friends will sing, talk, and dance with your child for hours of fun and exercise.

For more toys for under 10 kids check out Squidoo’s best of kids electronics page

Teens & Adults
Dell’s new XPS 10 with dockable keyboard cover is one of the hottest items on the market for the young adults in your life. With a 10” tablet screen, the new Snapdragon processor with Windows 8’s new tile look, and a portable keyboard that comes in cool colors that you can dock to your tablet, what’s not to love?

Then there is my favorite, the convertibles. It’s a laptop, no it’s a tablet, no it’s a laptop again. These extremely flexible convertibles are the best of both worlds. It’s a complete laptop for when you need to work on a presentation or work from the road, but it’s a tablet when you are sitting in your PJ’s online shopping for Tina’s Christmas gift….hint….hint.

For more teen & adult electronic ideas for the 2012 shopping season see Squidoo’s top electronics page.

Electronics are fun to shop for if you know what you’re looking for.  Make sure you do some research before investing in any electronic so that it will be a fun and enjoyable purchase for years to come!

Happy Shopping & Happy Holiday’s from your family at BITS!


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