About BITS

WHY “Boutique” IT Solutions?

Definition of bou·tique/bo͞oˈtēk/:

Noun:  1. A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele
The days of a brick and mortar exclusive business are gone.  Businesses are on the go, work from unique environments, and each require different technology to be at their best.  Our clients are all unique! 

BITS customizes each solution we create to meet what the customer needs for today, while allowing future growth.  Don’t confuse customization  with expensive, however. Customization will reduce expense and increase efficiency.

Collectively, the BITS Team has more than 100 years of IT experience and our focus is to supply our clients with what they need to make their company the best it can be. From giving you quality IT advice, to helping manage your upgrade project, to training your staff, BITS delivers the products and services you need at a price you can afford.

Jimmy Penttila

(Client Relationship Manager)

Tina Hamrick

(Customer liaison & IT consultant)

Zach Zaborny

(Sr. Network Engineer)

Jason Leon

(Cabling Tech)


(Creative & Web Design)